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Print sale: pictures are an education

November 18, 2009

Katie Cooke, an Edinburgh-based photographer who specialises in the more difficult aspects of the art, is selling a series of her prints to fund the next stage of her education.

These were poppies, and will be again
© Katie Cooke

Katie renounced digital photography some time ago, preferring the more contemplative process of making images using a tripod-mounted large-format film camera – with or without a lens. And over the past year she has been concentrating on the wet-plate collodion process, which involves adding egg-white, collodion and silver salts, layer by layer, to a sheet of glass, and using this to make her negative instead of conventional, ‘modern’ film. When such care and effort goes into the preparation, no wonder the actual taking of the image is not that far from an act of meditation.

The prints which form the set in question have originated either from this traditional process, or from one of Katie’s pinhole cameras (she makes them herself, out of wooden or cardboard boxes). There are thirteen images in total, and believe me, they are each and every one of them gorgeous, deep and rich and soft in texture with patches of creamy luminescence, and each one reflecting the intensity of thought that has gone into its composition.

Katie writes:

I’m currently studying to finish a long-neglected degree, having picked it up again after a gap of twenty years. Unfortunately, I’m a bit short of funds and so need to raise the necessaries or put the studies on hold for another year. I’m hoping to start my next course, in art history, so that I can go on and apply to study for a masters. But, I need to pay for it in a month’s time. Towards that end, I’m selling some prints at a rather reduced price.

Each print is hand-printed by me on silver gelatin fibre-based paper, and toned. They are printed on 8×10″ paper, so the image size is slightly smaller than that to allow for proper mounting. I will mount and mat them, to a standard size (based on where you are, so, inches or centimetres, as appropriate).

The sale is on until 27 November 2009, and prints will cost £60 each, post-paid, to UK purchasers, or $95 plus shipping elsewhere. I think that’s remarkable. Let’s send Katie back to school!

Katie Cooke’s print sale series can be seen online at flickr.
See her pinhole photographs at www.slowlight.net/

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