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Small scents

I’ve just closed a small photo exhibition comprising five of my images.

The exhibition was called Small Scents, and the images were from a set of perfume miniatures that had been part of the collection of my late mother, Peggy.

She was fascinated by the tiny bottles and flasks, and had dozens of them scattered amongst the gloves, handkerchiefs and scarves in her dressing-table drawers. But this was no sterile glass-cabinet collection; she used the perfumes every day, and – as you can see in the pictures here – many of the bottles are almost empty.

Parfum d’Hermès, 1984

After an original design by Jacques Llorente, the flask is in the shape of a harness ring, recalling Hermès’ origins in luxury leather goods.
Parfum d’Hermès was created by the perfume house of Roure. It is an oriental floral perfume, with top notes including rose on a base of incense and woods.

Cristobal, Balenciaga, 1999

From an original design by Thierry De Baschmakoff, the bottle is based on drapes of rich brocade.
Cristobal was created by Olivier Gillotin. An oriental, its top notes include fig and bergamot, with base notes of patchouli and vanilla.

Shalimar, Guerlain, 1921

After the original design produced by Baccarat for Raymond Guerlain.
Created by Jacques Guerlain in 1921, Shalimar is a classic soft amber oriental, with top notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin and rosewood, based on vanilla and rosewood.

Rumba, Balenciaga, 1988

Ribbed bottle after a design by Jacques Konckier, in the shape of a Roman vase.
Created by Ron Winnegrad and Jean-Claude Elléna, Rumba is a fruity-floral chypre with top notes of peach, Mirabelle plum, bergamot and basil on a base of woods and Tonka bean.

Sun, Moon, Stars, Lagerfeld, 1994

From an original design by Karl Lagerfeld, the midnight-blue flask was made by Verreries Pochet et du Courval.
Sun, Moon, Stars was created by parfumier Sophia Grojsman. An oriental fragrance with florals including freesia and rose on heliotrope and jasmine, with sandalwood and amber beneath.

Exhibited at Cardinal Arts, Lewes, Artwave 2011
Copyright © Martyn Oliver 2011
Perfume notes from Perfume Intelligence http://www.perfumeintelligence.co.uk

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