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Writing to length

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

“Do me 450 words on Solar PV, please.” That was the editor of a local county magazine. So that’s what she got: not 449, not 451, but 450 words. On Solar PV.

Go to any high point in Sussex on a bright sunny day, look north, and you’ll see the flash of reflected sunlight from Solar PV rooftop arrays on farmhouses and in towns and villages across the countryside. Since the government established its earn-as-you-generate scheme in April last year, Solar PV installations have increased month on month, as we discover our green credentials. Read more…


‘Doctor knows best’

November 7, 2011 2 comments

A month or so ago I wrote about a conversation I’d had with a doctor friend (who also happens to be my GP), about aspects of the doctor–patient relationship.

I met him again at the weekend, and we sat outside the pub enjoying the marvellous sunny autumn weather while the ducks cruised up and down the river.

I could tell there was something on his mind, and after the second pint it came out. Read more…