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People who live in glasshouses

I don’t usually get involved in politics but, like many, I was appalled at the murder of Alexander Litvinenko ten years ago.

Of course it’s wrong that a state can authorise and order the assassination of an individual, especially when that individual is the citizen of another country and the assassination takes place in the territory of that other country.

But even if it goes unacknowledged, all states do it. Always have, and probably always will. And, as long as the order can be credibly denied, until recently states have got away with it.

We may castigate Russia, and Vladimir Putin in particular, for ordering the assassination of Litvinenko in 2006. We may mock him behind our hands for getting caught (but then perhaps he feels strong enough not to care?). The UK feels it needs to punish Russia; in Parliament today, Theresa May described the assassination as “a blatant and unacceptable breach of the most fundamental tenets of international law and of civilised behaviour”.

However, since 9/11, and in particular since the Obama Administration came to power in the USA, America – and by direct association the UK – has been openly assassinating (“targeted killing”) its “enemies” on foreign soil by drone strikes.

Wasn’t something once said about living in glasshouses and throwing stones?

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