Forthcoming entries

These will include (but not exclusively, and not in this order):

iPad? Give me lo-tech
Low-tech cellphones win the day for South Africa’s AIDS orphans. Category: Commentary

Lies, Damn Lies
How medical research misconstrues its stats. Category: Commentary

Good at what they do
A series of articles about excellence at any and all levels.
With luck, subjects will include: a clockmaker; a society photographer; a sculptor; a madam; a “nose”; a gardener; a gown-shop owner. Category: Commentary

What drives me mad: signs that tell lies …
A personal bête noir. Category: Rant

John Logan’s play about Mark Rothko. Category: Commentary

For the rain it raineth every day …
West Wales in the wet, from Pembroke to Llandudno. Category: Travel writing

Another Place
Anthony Gormley on Crosby beach. Categories: Travel writing, Photography, Commentary

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